11. Dezember 2019 | News

Damen 2 spielt gegen die BG Duisburg West

Damen 2 spielt gegen die BG Duisburg West

On Saturday, December 7th, 2019, Damen 2 Capitol Bascats played against BG Duisburg West. Prior to the game on Saturday and still currently BG Duisburg West sits at second place in the 4th league; therefore, coming into the game the Bascats new it was going to be another tough game to play back to back. The weekend before, Damen 2 played against the first place team so far in the league and were able to defeat them and get the win. Unfortunately, they were not able to get the win against BG Duisburg West, ending the game with 64 points for Damen 2 Capitol Bascats and 74 for BG. 

The Bascats struggled to find a good rhythm starting out the game and throughout he course of the game until the end. Unfortunately, that was not enough time for them to ultimately gain a lead and win the game. On a good note though, however, even though the Bascats lost they are nowhere near defeated. There is a lot more basketball left for the season to play and get better! 


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