19. Dezember 2018 | Allgemein

Damen 1- Weihnachtsgrüße & Pokalspielsieg

Damen 1- Weihnachtsgrüße & Pokalspielsieg

Firstoff the Damen 1 would like the moment to wish all of our fans and supporters and sponsors Happy Holidays. We are nothing without our support. We thank yall from the bottom of our hearts.

The year is almost to an end. The season is about to take a break, but beforethe ladies start down their journey of regeneration and rest; they must wake upon a blasting cold Sunday, December 16th, to face the Sterkrade 69ers for the cup-knockout round.

The First Ladies of the Capitol Bascats has completed the strenuous,exhausting, exciting and fun week of mental toughness, but coming out on top.As the ladies travel to Sterkrade, for their last game to end the year. It’sanother unusual time for the ladies to be playing. There are also unusual circumstances, as the Bascats play with only 7 girls. Excuses are for the weak. Something the First Ladies hold no value too.

Bascats go on a 17-2 run to start off the game to force their opponent to calla timeout. Sterkrade 69ers were inexperienced in every position. As the firstquarter comes to an end the Bascats runaway with it standing 34-2.

The speed and experience was just too much to handle, for the 69ers struggledto ever get in rhythm. As the second quarter starts, you could see the Bascatswere hungry for more play. They started to turn up their defense of pressure tospeed up the game.

Bascats soar into front leading into halftime with 60-11. As the Bascatscontinue their style of play with speed, style, and precision. The CapitolsBascats crushed the 69ers 128-32. The Ladies can go into the break relax andregenerate their bodies to come back in 2019 to start the second half of theseason.

Happy Holidays. 


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